About Us

Olivio Restaurant

Olivio Samui offers a delicious blend of Italian Mediterranean food and wine selections.
We serve you fresh of Pizza hand made dough, tasty pasta and freshly seafood,
truly features the authentic taste of Italy and the Mediterranean Restaurant has been proudly providing a romantic and cozy atmosphere. Dining at Olivio that creates food memories brining joy
as dinners bond over their shared experience.

Prasert Champhum

head chef Prasert shares his experiences with a lively kitchen team and delighted diners beginning his culinary since 1994 with many European and Italian cuisines.
keen to learn with a strong appetite for gaining the skill needed in commercial kitchen.

Also garantee his work with rewards. The winner cold plate challenge 2008.
Chef par excelence 2017, won 33rd place from 66 Chefs. Silver Master Chef 2018 in Taipei. that Prasert leads the talented kitchen team at Olivio italian Mediterranean cuisine. with menu of Modern design and a touch of the old fashion style of every plate of food.